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Our Mission

Dedicated to providing a safe and sacred environment for women to come together in sisterhood, to heal, to laugh, to be nourished, and to awaken the WILD WOMAN within

If you’re ready to find your tribe, let go of inhibitions, heal on every level, and be spoiled in luxury and love, these are the retreats for you.

Melanie Wild

Art & Energetic Healer

Melanie is one of Re Wild’s wonderful co-founders

She is a Reiki Master, Intuitive Art Healer & New Earth Guide

She believes that the Earth is moving through monumental changes and is on a mission to assist in this transition to the Golden Age

A period of great peace, prosperity and happiness

Her work as an intuitive healer is profound and she loves hosting women’s retreat because she believes through one person at a time making themselves a better person humanity will usher in the golden age with more ease

“Our retreat provide women a safe place to be in intimate circle with other women so that we can hold each other up as we traverse the sometimes rough waters of personal development” – Mwild

She bring a unique perspective to the spiritual world by offering healing through creating Art. Her most favorite medium to work with is Paint Pouring, because it allows the creator to witness the process of co-creation between the person and their God/Source/Creator.

It has been an absolute dream come true for her to host these incredible retreats and she is eternally grateful for the opportunity to hold space for each woman who has come and is coming to participate

Rebecca Robertson

Sound & Energetic Healer

A certified Reiki Master, Biofield Tuning Practitioner, Spiritual Mentor, and all around magickal being, Rebecca invites you into her world! A student of life and sister in Light.

It is Rebecca’s purpose, passion, and honour to assist in the awakening, healing, and remembrance of her sisters and brothers on this earth. 

 As co-founder of the ReWild Retreats Rebecca believes that when we come together in sisterhood we heal not only ourselves but the collective!

Rebecca takes you on deeply healing journeys into your own soul with her transformational sound medicine. She holds sacred space for women to feel safe in their vulnerability. 

Utilizing the frequencies and vibrations of her beautiful crystal singing bowls she carries your consciousness into a relaxing theta state where you get to dive deep into what it feels like to embrace your wild woman within. Igniting deep remembrance and integration. 

Strip away all that you are not. 

Remember all that you are. 

And level up your sound experience with Rebecca. 

It is her honour to offer this beautiful medicine, shining her light through sound at every ReWild Retreat.

Ashlee Kozac

Chef & Wilderness Expert

Nature Infused Ash is a high vibe real food creator. Ash Creates with natures most amazing foods. She is always up grading her creations to optimal levels so her clients feel energized and nourished which leave them thriving not surviving. Her passion is to help people and there

bodies feel optimal which in return creates a space for more healing. Ash believes 

in simplicity, less is more,

that goes for

your food


Eat to nourish and thrive

Rachel Gilson

Photographer & Wilderness Expert

Rachel has so much passionate with everything she does, especially her photography.

Rachel enjoys capturing beautiful portrait memories and also landscape scenery. She has been our photographer for the last three retreats and strives to make each woman feel like a goddess, especially in your solo session with her.

She loves building community, meeting like minded women and supporting everyone’s healing journey that has brought us together.

Being apart of the retreats and witnessing our bond and sisterhood fuels her drive to capture sacred moments and leave you with a gift of photos for yourself.