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All Retreats are cancelled as of Feb 2023

Song by Sophia Spallino – My Healing

Luxury Healer’s Retreats

Hosted in the Spring Accommodating 5-10 Women

For women who have been on their healing journey a while and are looking for a space to be held in all that they have become.

Retreats Coming Soon

Women’s Camping Retreat

Hosted in the Summer Accommodating 25-50 Women

For ALL women seeking sisterhood in a supportive and enriching environment

More Information Coming Soon

Extra Dimensional Women’s Retreats

Hosted in the Fall Accommodating 5-10 Women

For ALL women seeking to deepen their connections with realms beyond the third dimension.

More Information Coming Soon

Women’s Spiritual Healing Retreats

Hosted in the Winter Accommodating 8-10 Women

For women who are new on their healing journey & seeking support & guidance.

More Information Coming Soon